Today's SoCraftastic video is a craft kit review! I'm testing a pottery wheel kit for beginners by Mindware toys. Clay has always been fun for me, and I've used a potters wheel in college. Will this one work or end up as a fail?! #SoCraftastic

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Testing a POTTERY WHEEL Kit for Beginners : https://youtu.be/7kOWokvwKNI


  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago Happy CRAFTY Friday, everyone! 😊 I hope you enjoy this pottery wheel testing video. If you're new here, I post every Friday, so I hope to see you back next week! And, if you're not caught up on my videos I posted another episode of Wreck This Journal next week. I'll be posting a VLOG on LiveLoveSarahLynn either Saturday or Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend. And, Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for watching. ♥︎ Sarah
  • Kiera Engler
    Kiera Engler 5 months ago SoCraftastic I would love for you to do the sticker maker ❤️❤️also love you 😘 so much
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago Thank you for watching & voting @Kiera Engler 💕
  • Ann Moonstone
    Ann Moonstone 5 months ago (edited) Can you test the loom kit, love ya❤️
  • Ali Bern
    Ali Bern 5 months ago Can you do the loom kit :3
  • K Snyder
    K Snyder 5 months ago I love out art work. And u should try the loom kit next
  • GamerGirl
    GamerGirl 5 months ago Chill Vibes
  • Naima Moni
    Naima Moni 5 months ago hi i commented but like it went away dunno why...anyway if you see this hi your my favourite youtuber
  • Lauren Ludlow
    Lauren Ludlow 4 months ago Love you!! ❤️ Can u do a Wreck this Journal flip through when ur done 😂 ik this is kind of early to say this but just wondering
  • Latina Princess 😄😘👑
    Latina Princess 😄😘👑 4 months ago Can I do the loom plz I love u and I hope u hade or have a lovely Christmas 😍😍😄
  • Celeb Mar
    Celeb Mar 4 months ago SoCraftastic loom craft next
  • hey it's KK Kaylee
    hey it's KK Kaylee 4 months ago You should do one of the loom things becus I think it looks so cool.
  • Farzana Yasmin
    Farzana Yasmin 4 months ago A
  • LunarSnowy
    LunarSnowy 2 months ago (edited) SoCraftastic Sarah did u notice in the front u can switch it to left hand and right hand. Edit:I don’t know what hand u use so sorry
  • Sadie Hathaway
    Sadie Hathaway 2 months ago Review? Or tutorial?
  • whitney leanna green
    whitney leanna green 1 month ago SoCraftastic Do u recommend using this product?? U never said if u do or not!!
  • Midas Haltzern
    Midas Haltzern 5 months ago I don't recommend doing this with long nails. Doing it with your nails would drive me crazy
  • vicky soria
    vicky soria 3 months ago Midas Haltzern her nails being so long annoyed me through the whole video
  • Kaisen Bray
    Kaisen Bray 3 months ago I mean.............um........... 👌
  • I’m a crazy uni-cat Lady Yay
    I’m a crazy uni-cat Lady Yay 2 weeks ago Midas Haltzern oh god yes
  • Patrice
    Patrice 4 months ago Rinse your wheel platform outside with the hose, don't put clay down the pipes.
  • TaTa LOVE
    TaTa LOVE 5 months ago Try the craft loom next
  • Arii :3
    Arii :3 4 months ago Yasssss
  • vinita siew
    vinita siew 4 months ago yes
  • Heart Girls
    Heart Girls 2 months ago TaTa LOVE 𝚑𝚒
  • Meethilesh Heerah
    Meethilesh Heerah 1 month ago Yess
  • Really ME
    Really ME 4 months ago (edited) Omg I found you again I remember watching crafty Friday like 4 years ago ❤️😂
  • poly501
    poly501 4 months ago Same here!
  • Avalerie 696
    Avalerie 696 4 months ago Me too
  • Kc And friends
    Kc And friends 4 months ago Me four
  • Md.Shamsedur rahman
    Md.Shamsedur rahman 3 months ago @Kc And friends Count me as 5!
  • Yam Rod
    Yam Rod 2 months ago Really ME wtffff me to
  • Lilly Yunus
    Lilly Yunus 5 days ago Lol same I remember when she had like 100k subs
  • Natalya
    Natalya 3 months ago is no one going to mention the fact that the instructions didn't tell them to wedge it first
  • silverdragonfour
    silverdragonfour 2 months ago You don't have to wedge air dry clay. Wedging is done to remove the air bubbles, as air bubbles can cause pieces to explode in the kiln due to the extreme heat. Since air dry clay doesn't need to be fired, it doesn't need to be wedged unless you need to add or remove moisture from it.
  • Priyanjali Das
    Priyanjali Das 2 weeks ago Thought its pottery so people will focus on your hands and nails but pottery with such long nails? Girl, what were you thinking?
  • Timothy Messer
    Timothy Messer 5 months ago Okay that was SUPER INTERESTING!!! I took a clay/pottery in high school, but stuck to drawing and life drawing in College. We never used the pottery wheels in the class I took in high school, so I have always been curious of them. Although that thing made that horrible noise, (still not sure what was causing it when you were almost done), that was really cool, and you are really good at that. My vote for next project I would say Loom. No real reason... Just seemed to like that out of the others. Thank you for sharing this, and that piece "TURNED"... (ahhhh ahhhh... lol) out really good. I could do that by hand, but I doubt on a wheel. Awesome.
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago I'm glad you enjoyed! I've always loved sculpting (dating back to mini Play-Doh figurines & of course polymer clay after). I do wish I would have taken more drawing classes, because anatomy doesn't come easy for me in my art nowadays. The noise is constant when the wheel spins, unfortunately. If there were times I applied pressure directly to surface of the wheel base it may have sounded different. The loom looks like fun. Hopefully I'll catch on to the process quickly. Thank you for watching. P.S. What would be your construction method by hand? Pinch pot, coil, or some type of carve-away (can't remember if there's a term there... I just know my first assignment in ceramics freshman year of high school was to make three pots using different hand building methods.)
  • Naima Moni
    Naima Moni 5 months ago Hi Sarah you are the most beautiful, sweetest, creative, amazing youtuber I know keep shining like a star the way you always do and don't let haters get their way love you sooo much
  • Ayla Rohaley
    Ayla Rohaley 5 months ago I am in elementary school and we have an art class where we do pottery almost every week
  • Jaime Ketchum
    Jaime Ketchum 4 months ago So you took pottery class but never used the wheel? That's bs
  • Mandy Stewart
    Mandy Stewart 3 months ago I feel bad for u cuz u typed all that T.T
  • Kellensmomma
    Kellensmomma 2 months ago Same here Timothy Messer, no wheel but looks soooo FUN(not with that noisy wheel though 😂)
  • ThatOneJay123
    ThatOneJay123 2 months ago (edited) So, I do throw in high school, and honestly there's a good reason why your teacher might have not taught how to... It's just extremely difficult. Also, the wheel's noise sounds pretty much the same as real ones.
  • Alysta B
    Alysta B 4 months ago (edited) By the way... THE CLAY ISNT SUPPOSED TO COME WET, AND READY TO MOLD! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I have done pottery and it is really hard! At least for me...
  • C C
    C C 5 months ago You should totally do the craft loom thing!
  • Terrarium & Crafts
    Terrarium & Crafts 5 months ago I'd love to do this, as a couple it must be so fun!
  • paranoiaprincess
    paranoiaprincess 5 months ago I want to see the loom!!
  • space_dad_ _draws
    space_dad_ _draws 5 months ago Ooo do the paint maker next please
  • Rudy Pineda
    Rudy Pineda 4 months ago wolffe _draws i agree with u
  • Erika Marie
    Erika Marie 5 months ago I'm a little upset you didn't paint the pot before posting this video. Could you please so us the finished product next Friday
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago It was bad planning on my part. I can absolutely include a clip of that in next Friday's video.
  • Cats123
    Cats123 3 months ago YAY
  • silverdragonfour
    silverdragonfour 2 months ago If you want you clay to stick to the wheel better, I recommend not wetting the wheel. Our teacher always told us to stick clay to a dry wheel base.
  • royal fan 7589
    royal fan 7589 5 months ago You should do the silly scents sticker maker next it sounds super cool
  • Grim
    Grim 5 months ago I really want you to do the loom kit next pls!
  • Myah guez
    Myah guez 5 months ago Sticker maker please btw I love your videos so much❤💖
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago Thank you for watching & voting! ♥︎
  • uh
    uh 4 months ago Does anyone know if she has any more pottery making videos? This might sound weird but this was almost like ASMR and was so relaxing to watch lol
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 4 months ago Not yet, but I do plan to make more throughout the year. (With different wheels to compare & find my favorite.) Wish I would have filmed some of my classes!
  • Kelsey Handy
    Kelsey Handy 5 months ago I love your videos!!!! You should do a P.O box opening in January!😁😍
  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic 5 months ago Thank you, Kelsey! If I have enough packages to open I will keep that in mind. Otherwise I'll open stuff randomly on my Vlog channel. 😊 There's a cute, crafty gift package I plan to show there this month.