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Published on Jun 24, 2017 3,219,945 views

Beginner's Guide to Motorcycle Types

For beginners, finding the right motorcycle to fit their needs can be a daunting task. The selection is vast, and the expense is not insignificant. Various types of motorcycles have equally varied strengths. They also have their own set of weaknesses. Just as you wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to polish your best dress shoes, you wouldn’t want to choose a track bike if the type of riding you wanted to do was all off-road. Regardless of if you are looking for a beginner motorcycle, or are merely seeking to take a dip into another riding style that you might not be as experienced in, this video is all about providing some insight into the types of motorcycles available, and how they can improve your desired riding experience.

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero 1 year ago What's the bike at 0:03
  • RevZilla
    RevZilla 1 year ago It's a Harley Sportster Iron 883 with a few modifications. -DrewZilla *https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/house-sportster-project-wrap-up
  • Gay Shithead
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  • Yo Life dude
    Yo Life dude 1 year ago Chris Romero Harly sporstster
  • Josh scotty
    Josh scotty 11 months ago Chris Romero ii
  • Sir Masteryan
    Sir Masteryan 9 months ago Darude- Sandstorm
  • Ulysses Sait
    Ulysses Sait 9 months ago is honda CB500X considered as adventure bike? im getting one. is it ok for beginner?
  • MusimilianMax
    MusimilianMax 9 months ago Ulysses Sait Possibly, not sure. I think there is a kit you put on it to make it adventure.
  • Dragoș Solomon
    Dragoș Solomon 9 months ago MusimilianMax oh yeah yeah
  • Ballads
    Ballads 9 months ago Sir Masteryan normie
  • Shawn H
    Shawn H 8 months ago Tony huck
  • judeanwhoremonger
    judeanwhoremonger 8 months ago a ladies bike
  • kristoferiuqas 69
    kristoferiuqas 69 7 months ago It is considered a gay bike
  • The Un-Known Musician
    The Un-Known Musician 7 months ago Chris Romero Harley iron 833
  • The Un-Known Musician
    The Un-Known Musician 7 months ago Arjun Maheshwari twat filthy twat
  • Essentialys
    Essentialys 6 months ago Chris Romero xx
  • Alex Eller
    Alex Eller 5 months ago harley iron 883
  • Cyndi Vickers
    Cyndi Vickers 5 months ago Probably the Harley Davisson iron 883
  • esiuol360girl19
    esiuol360girl19 5 months ago @Ulysses Sait yes it is :) however if your short like me then probably not haha
  • esiuol360girl19
    esiuol360girl19 5 months ago @Diego Rivera someone ruined it 😭
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    Kenneth Eroh 3 months ago Sir Masteryan a
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    hgallegos915 1 month ago I miss motorcycles so much! Hit cut me off on purpose... More I have a left brachial plexus injury... My arm just hangs. Nerve pain 24 7 .
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    TT 1 month ago manman
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    Smart Potato 3 weeks ago @Sir Masteryan lol
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    Fridzo 2 days ago @hgallegos915 you just made me rethink this whole let's buy a bike thing