Highlights RCD Espanyol vs Real Sociedad (2-0)

Published on May 18, 2019 36,390 views

RCD Espanyol will play the Europa League next season thanks to the victory against Real Sociedad. Rosales and Wu Lei have scored the goals of the match for Espanyol Matchday 38 LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
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  • Guyi
    Guyi 4 weeks ago Nice touch, nice goal! Congrats Wu lei!
  • 러굴러굴
    러굴러굴 4 weeks ago Beautiful first touch and excellent finish by Wu Lei!! - Congratulation from Korea fan
  • lucas gonkov
    lucas gonkov 21 hours ago @Young Kwokching WU LEI WU LEI WU LEI
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 21 hours ago lucas gonkov he has not proven himself in Europe yet...yes I know he is top scorer in the Chinese league but to be honest the Chinese league is not yet a ‘top’ league compared to leagues like the English premier league
  • lucas gonkov
    lucas gonkov 1 day ago As korean, Wu lei is world class player and better than son. Wu Lei is way better than son. No question 👏👏👏
  • 白伟峰
    白伟峰 1 week ago thank you ,I love son too
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 3 weeks ago As much as I like son,I think Liverpool will win...we will see about that
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 3 weeks ago Doramon seven Gerrard is one of my favourite footballers,he helped Liverpool win the FA Cup(many times)
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 3 weeks ago Doramon yes but they won the top English league title many times in the past and they could still win the champions league this season
  • Kieran Rob
    Kieran Rob 3 weeks ago Young Kwokching they won zero EPL Title. And like slippy Gerrard, Liverpool is going to bottle it again in the final lol
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 3 weeks ago 12533665 what about Shinji Kagawa
  • Young Kwokching
    Young Kwokching 3 weeks ago Doramon Liverpool is one of the best teams in the world
  • Jiajie Zhang
    Jiajie Zhang 4 weeks ago Thank you bro and I hope Son and spurs win the uefa champion league
  • 12533665
    12533665 4 weeks ago 러굴러굴 As a Chinese, I think Son is the greatest Asian player ever in the Europe
  • Ailun Guo
    Ailun Guo 4 weeks ago Much appreciated your comment
  • Kieran Rob
    Kieran Rob 4 weeks ago As a Chinese fan I hope Son and spurs win the uefa champion league!! Liverpool is shit !!!
  • Daming Lu
    Daming Lu 4 weeks ago Wu Lei has a long way to go to get close to Son Heung-min
  • Nong ducle
    Nong ducle 4 weeks ago go WULEI
  • 이키티스트
    이키티스트 4 weeks ago I love them
  • Johanan Lo
    Johanan Lo 4 weeks ago Son is very good.
  • Pinyue Liu
    Pinyue Liu 4 weeks ago thanks,congrats Son made it!
  • 新西蘭 SOSOUND TV
    新西蘭 SOSOUND TV 4 weeks ago Great team, great coach, great players, GREAT FANS!!!
    ZHIXIANG 4 weeks ago Wu Lei!!! NB!!!
  • Viktor Kjær
    Viktor Kjær 4 weeks ago Wu Lei been magnificent in Espanyol. Advantage for them as a club; get marketing expansion in China, & get a good players.
  • Yuxuan Yin
    Yuxuan Yin 4 weeks ago 这他妈才叫停球!!!!!
  • Peiyan Gao
    Peiyan Gao 4 weeks ago Wu Lei!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Asher
    Asher 4 weeks ago Nice touch and brilliant finish Wulei!!! Big credit to the teammate!! See you guys in Europa League
  • Metal head
    Metal head 4 weeks ago the player who assisted Wu Lei is great too. very good pass skill.
  • zhide mao
    zhide mao 3 weeks ago @Patrick Bateman exactly
  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 3 weeks ago @zhide mao i think u misunderstood, i dont mean he should develop the vision for passing but more of his teammates can provide it for him, oscar is one player in the club that could do that for him, hulk isn't a creative player plus he's bazilian reject...
  • zhide mao
    zhide mao 3 weeks ago @Patrick Bateman actually not.because his job in china is to run for oppunities instead of run in the wing and pass. in sipg they have oscar and hulk who were once in the brazilian team
  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 4 weeks ago thats why its important for him to play in europe and at a decent club, cos of the overall quality of his teammates are so much better compared to clubs in China, especially passing, vision and creativity from the players
  • Irakli Samsonia
    Irakli Samsonia 4 weeks ago 58' Roberto Rosales (1-0); 66' Wu Lei (2-0)
  • I’m So Peng
    I’m So Peng 4 weeks ago Espanyol back in Europe, unlike the uk
  • Shawn ZG
    Shawn ZG 4 weeks ago Great job Wu Lei! hope he can perform much better next year in La Liga! and please may the Chinese media stop bragging about Wu Lei!!
  • ben lin
    ben lin 3 weeks ago you are right,i am very hate the media,the braging was disgusting
  • Jerry Xu
    Jerry Xu 4 weeks ago Hahaha
  • Kt Ong
    Kt Ong 4 weeks ago Wu Lei > Messi
  • Yang Cheng
    Yang Cheng 4 weeks ago Wu lei 👍
  • Allan Conor
    Allan Conor 3 weeks ago 牛逼就完了
  • Dino Chen
    Dino Chen 4 weeks ago (edited) What an unreal plot, Espanyol surpass Bilbao
  • Ke Sun
    Ke Sun 3 weeks ago 西班牙人管理层:就是让你来保个级,你非要踢欧战
  • 한설록
    한설록 4 weeks ago 武磊牛逼!!!
  • l l
    l l 4 weeks ago Visca catalunya i màgic espanyol!
  • gallego leal zona
    gallego leal zona 3 weeks ago Vete al barsa peste culé infiltrado, te vas a cansar de ver banderas de España en Cornellá
  • 刘松源
    刘松源 4 weeks ago 有谁翻译一下这个是什么意思。。。
  • David Cipres
    David Cipres 4 weeks ago Viva España*
  • 葉偉豪
    葉偉豪 4 weeks ago 武磊,wulei牛逼
  • Youcheng Wang
    Youcheng Wang 4 weeks ago (edited) 吴磊 当年20年的时候和伊格莱西亚斯的两翼齐飞打败了曼联 我至尽还记得 【手动gt】
  • zhide mao
    zhide mao 3 weeks ago 双翼齐租
  • 陳宇林
    陳宇林 4 weeks ago @羅俊威 醒醒 曼城足总杯夺冠 自动进欧联正赛
  • 羅俊威
    羅俊威 4 weeks ago 醒醒,曼联已经被曼城抬走了
  • feng Jonny
    feng Jonny 4 weeks ago 难道你就是西班牙人⭐足球专家?
  • Minshan Cui
    Minshan Cui 3 weeks ago That is a definitely world-class first touch. What a goal!