5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

Published on Mar 30, 2017 6,599,663 views

Running can simultaneously sound like a walk in the park… and also incredibly daunting. I’ve been running off and on for a couple years now, and I feel like I’ve only JUST found my groove with running. In this video, I share with you 5 running tips for beginners, aka, 5 things I wish I knew about running from the beginning. If you don't know how to start running, this video is for you. Whether you’re training for your first 5k, looking for the perfect running shoes, on the hunt for running apps that you’ll actually use, or just looking for general running tips, I’ve got you covered in this video all about running for beginners!


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Get yourself a Flipbelt! : http://amzn.to/2nCLGRm
Find your perfect running shoes! : http://www.runnersworld.com/shoefinder

Running apps that are amazing :
Runtastic (iOS and Android) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/runta...
Couch to 5k (iOS and Android) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/couch...
Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android) : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombi...


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  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 10 months ago Hey guys! First of all, I'm SO happy that so many of you found this video helpful! Second of all, there are more videos like this to come, so if you haven't subscribed already, feel free to do so! ❤️ If you're curious about my day-to-day life as well, I invite you to come on over to my vlog channel and hang out! Things are about to be changing like crazy in my personal life (moving, new jobs, and just a fresh chapter in my life), so those vlogs are going to be a roller coaster for sure. You can check out the vlog channel here: https://www.youtube.com/culpfiction Happy running! Caty
  • Leo McConnell
    Leo McConnell 2 weeks ago How should you breathe when you run? I was told in through the noise and out the mouth but this just gives me a headache.
  • southerncalifornia
    southerncalifornia 3 weeks ago isn't better to run fasted to burn more fat and calories ?
  • LaurAgony
    LaurAgony 1 month ago Get rekt cunt.
  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley 1 month ago First of all, your form is all off. Your hips shouldn't be pivoting that much. Move your arms more to counteract this.
  • Aída Frías
    Aída Frías 3 months ago Can u please recomend an app that can be used on a running machine? Tnks 4 sharing your experience
  • Jyothi Katakamsetti
    Jyothi Katakamsetti 3 months ago .....
  • Mr Hole
    Mr Hole 4 months ago I was having trouble with running also because I was running left foot right foot left foot left foot right foot left foot right foot right foot. but I learned that if you actually run right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot...its much much easier.
  • jumana attarwala
    jumana attarwala 4 months ago Really enjoyed watching your video thank you so much for sharing if you don't mind me asking you could you make a video on workouts for beginners would love to see it. Lot's and lots of love from India Mumbai
  • Najib Casa
    Najib Casa 4 months ago This is just superb, I've been looking for "sore knee running knee cap" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Jeneah Lansaiah Framework - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got great success with it.
  • Lis Sydney
    Lis Sydney 5 months ago Hi Caty, thanks so much for these useful tips. I have downloaded the free the 5K Runner app. After doing 8 days runs, do you think its worth to buy the pro app? I am currently still do run, walk, run, walk. Or just use Runtastic? Thanks so much!
  • Gu Cho
    Gu Cho 6 months ago You also look exactly like a neanderthal. GROSS.
  • Gu Cho
    Gu Cho 6 months ago You are terrible at running.
  • Fun time! Fun
    Fun time! Fun 6 months ago I suck at running. And now, you told me that I could do it
  • April Lopez
    April Lopez 6 months ago (edited) I was on my appletv watching and went to hit the "Like" but accidentally scrolled down too fast selecting "flag" by mistake. To no avail, I've googled how to fix this and I don't know how to unflag! I still selected "like" --but can someone help so the accidental flag does not affect this video?? (when you hit the flag button again it will not unflag - smh, so sorry.)
  • khaleesi Seales
    khaleesi Seales 6 months ago Nice vedio good picture and sound.
  • Sutikno rahma
    Sutikno rahma 6 months ago KOMEDi lucu.
  • Erik Segura
    Erik Segura 6 months ago Hufej
  • FDAA
    FDAA 8 months ago For those of you on iphone I love this app called Pacer. It tells you how long you've ran, what your mile pace is (or if you dont run a mile it tells you your estimated pace!) and it shows where you ran.
  • Brit Mk 2
    Brit Mk 2 8 months ago (edited) I've lost count of how many friends that have never come back for a 2nd run due to pushing too hard from the off, your advice to slow down was spot on. I grew up hating long distance running/cross country but with maturity came patience, and i feel that patience for distance runners is vital along with listening to your body. If something feels wrong or you have worsening pain anywhere do not ignore it, better to stop, walk home and get it checked/rest up for a few days and then go again. Your body IS boss.
    ABHI SINGH 10 months ago Caty Culp thank you u for your advise Keep running its best 😇😇
  • Taylan
    Taylan 10 months ago What is your resting heart rate Caty?
  • silent assassins intelligent clone named trey
    silent assassins intelligent clone named trey 10 months ago Pete Plaza oh No.....
  • clit licker
    clit licker 10 months ago i wanna see ur feet 👣
  • silent assassins intelligent clone named trey
    silent assassins intelligent clone named trey 10 months ago Caty Culp I recommend getting a Fitbit if you haven’t
  • cbk NJR1B
    cbk NJR1B 10 months ago Caty Culp you have gave me motivation to start running
  • kratos twyn
    kratos twyn 10 months ago caty marry me im 27 and single!!
  • ikli din
    ikli din 10 months ago Caty Culp the last part works! I lied to my body😂
  • MayoIcecream
    MayoIcecream 10 months ago I ran 1km today because I'm a beginner who needs to work on her cardio. My legs hurt but i feel good.
  • Yama Ibby
    Yama Ibby 4 months ago (edited) YouTube recommended this to me Is YouTube trying to tell me something 😂😂
  • Yukithatchan
    Yukithatchan 4 days ago Yibby ibby yes your fat
  • monerah Awad
    monerah Awad 1 week ago me to..... i think youtube telling us to leave our beds and start moving our bodies
  • lvl1 runner
    lvl1 runner 2 weeks ago Lol Me too. But this are really good tips for me! Thanks youtube!
  • Mariam Tarek
    Mariam Tarek 1 month ago Lol !😂😂 No YouTube reccomend you videos that you are interested in😊❤
  • PC Monkey
    PC Monkey 1 month ago Same...
  • Valerie Carrillo
    Valerie Carrillo 1 month ago lol xD
  • Yama Ibby
    Yama Ibby 1 month ago 100 1001 I’m not fat tho😂🙄
  • 100 1001
    100 1001 1 month ago RUN YOU FATASSSS
  • sarah colegrove
    sarah colegrove 1 month ago Same 😂
  • Fantasy Bee
    Fantasy Bee 2 months ago Is tryin to tell me that I’m fat once I came into YouTube and I just saw your fat
  • Taheem Walters
    Taheem Walters 2 months ago Your unhealthy 😁😁😁
    ALI PLAYER-1 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂
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    Adrian Palafox 2 months ago Hahaha
  • Manurightboy MR
    Manurightboy MR 2 months ago nice bots thy call me " come to me"
  • София Околидо
    София Околидо 2 months ago the same 😂😂😂
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    BluDrop5 2 months ago Exactly...
  • Ren Dori
    Ren Dori 2 months ago same lol
  • Flickentanz official
    Flickentanz official 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago @Yama Ibby Glad to help :)
  • Yama Ibby
    Yama Ibby 3 months ago Arthur Kirk 😂😂🤣ikr
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago Those bots, they're smart :)
  • Harshada Joshi
    Harshada Joshi 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Rania
    Rania 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 4 months ago (edited) Quit smoking cold Turkey 10 days ago and started jogging every morning for 4 days in a row now. Never felt better! 😊 Edit: I am now 2 months clean! I workout 5x a week and jog each and every day. I'm close to running my first 5k (3.5km without rest). Thank you everyone whose liked and commented. You guys really motivate me. 😁
  • LadyNubia007
    LadyNubia007 3 days ago Peter Nhieu Well done! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  • Ruguoser Liegise
    Ruguoser Liegise 2 weeks ago Peter Nhieu that’s cute
  • Martin Raucher
    Martin Raucher 3 weeks ago Good job! keep it going :)
  • Leah Yueliang
    Leah Yueliang 3 weeks ago you are amazing, hope you're going ok!
  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 3 weeks ago Great choices Peter. I'm glad you're doing well.
  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 3 weeks ago Good shit dude
  • angelicaa sanchez ‘
    angelicaa sanchez ‘ 3 weeks ago great job we’re all proud !
  • Allison H
    Allison H 3 weeks ago Hi! I'm starting a similar journey right now. I decided to give up nicotine for no particular reason, just wanted to prove to myself that I could (I was a smoker turned vaper) and decided I want to try and improve my cardiovascular health. Happy to see I'm not alone, congrats on your life improvements! (:
  • A A
    A A 3 weeks ago Wow I’m starting to workout again but I know I need to quit because man it’s making me outta shop smh !! You’re an inspiration!!
  • დიმიტრი კოლოტაური
    დიმიტრი კოლოტაური 4 weeks ago I am waiting for next 2-month edit
  • xTazzKing
    xTazzKing 4 weeks ago Awesome bro! Keep it the fuck up!!👊
  • 420BudNuggets
    420BudNuggets 1 month ago GOOD JOB MAN 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • Hustle King
    Hustle King 1 month ago Nice man I put down my last cigarette last night and I'm also going to start jogging today gotta clear the lungs out 🤣
  • Amethyst Rosal
    Amethyst Rosal 1 month ago You're awesome! Keep up the awesomeness!!
  • Kimberly Spurgeon
    Kimberly Spurgeon 1 month ago Wow! That is freaking awesome! You are an inspiration to us all!
  • Josie Iris
    Josie Iris 1 month ago I don't know you but I am so happy for you! You've got this man!
  • Luis1LE 24
    Luis1LE 24 1 month ago Peter Nhieu GREAT JOB MAN ! You got this 💪
  • G A B B Y
    G A B B Y 1 month ago Great job buddy! Keep going!
  • Bose Mpuchane
    Bose Mpuchane 2 months ago Yaas Peter! Good on you!
  • Lu
    Lu 2 months ago i’m proud of you!! also keep jogging :) best of luck to you
  • Let Go
    Let Go 2 months ago Peter Nhieu awesome bro 👍👍👍👍👍
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 2 months ago @Let Go that's exactly what I did the first month. Now I don't have cravings anymore but I still run everyday and each day I'm getting closer to reaching my goal of running 5k without rest.
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 2 months ago @Fahad Mirza tbh it was because I had my heart broken. And I just didn't like the fact that a substance had so much control over me. It's really mind over matter. Everytime I had a craving I'd go for a run. I was pretty pathetic at first, running out of breath from only 100 meters. Everytime my lungs kept giving out it just reminded how much the cigarettes have messed up my lungs and it just motivated me to become better and better each day.
  • Let Go
    Let Go 2 months ago (edited) Peter Nhieu everytime u feel like a smoke go for a quick run , even sprint, then when you are breathing heavy just remember smoking restricts your breathing. That’s how I quit after 20 years of smoking. Good luck I hope you quit forever 👍
  • Fahad Mirza
    Fahad Mirza 2 months ago Peter Nhieu How? Preach
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago WTG!
  • DirtBlockGames
    DirtBlockGames 3 months ago @Peter Nhieu thats fantastic! im genuinely glad to hear that :)
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 3 months ago Thanks man! I haven't relapsed I lost track of how many days free of cigarettes but I'm never going back. I don't have cravings anymore. The only cravings I have now are for jogging or going to the gym. 🙂
  • DirtBlockGames
    DirtBlockGames 4 months ago Keep it up man, that’s really impressive! I hope you haven’t relapses, but if you have, then get straight back on the sober train!
  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 months ago Peter Nhieu no problem brother sometimes all we need is a little push to keep us going! Good luck with your goals my friend
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 4 months ago (edited) @Anthony I needed to hear that... was going to skip jogging today - I've been telling myself tomorrow for the past 2 days. But I'm still 12 days strong without a cigarette.
  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 months ago Stay going bro!
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 4 months ago You are a ROCKSTAR! So proud of you! Keep it up! ❤️
  • _ZombieDude_
    _ZombieDude_ 3 months ago Tip of the day: If your getting chased by a dog, you don’t have to be the fastest, just gotta be faster than at least 1 of your friends. (Btw, if your the only one getting chased by a dog, your screwed. Might wanna consider being the fastest in that situation.)
  • twiston43
    twiston43 1 day ago Mailmen must be really good joggers.
  • Lainey O
    Lainey O 4 days ago 😂😂😂
  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 1 week ago or carry a gun
  • Latino Heat
    Latino Heat 2 weeks ago You cant outrun a dog. You need parkour for that
  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man 2 weeks ago Or just get it in a choke hold and hold it down
  • Jew
    Jew 2 weeks ago Just gotta keep running until the dog runs out of stamina. We humans have the best stamina build in the whole game
  • meraki jina
    meraki jina 3 weeks ago I can't stop laughing .damn best comment ever
  • Little CinnamonRoll
    Little CinnamonRoll 3 weeks ago Fun fact to your tip. Actually. If you and your friends starts running from a dog, the first few who stop, the dog will run straight past. The dog will always chase the person or people still running. Try it if you ever run into a mad dog. Just stop and remain calm.
  • the gajuar
    the gajuar 1 month ago if you're being chased by a dog, start running and stop all together ... it'll confuse the dog and it'll probably go away. what i do is i just stop, turn around and start petting the dog: they love being pet those lovely creatures
  • S H R E Y A
    S H R E Y A 1 month ago I read that while eating my cereal and I choked on my cereal and now I'm laughing crying and dying at the same time and also writing this comment....
  • Amira Najwa
    Amira Najwa 1 month ago (edited) Omggggg I've been chased by the dog once during my college year. It's so hilarious 😂
  • Stat Statakaka
    Stat Statakaka 1 month ago poking the dog in the eyes also works
  • Steven Comoro
    Steven Comoro 1 month ago (Hidden)
  • Steven Comoro
    Steven Comoro 1 month ago Conclead scooter
  • Bose Mpuchane
    Bose Mpuchane 2 months ago Or if you're slower, have the faster person drag you behind them as they run. Thanks big sis!
  • Cookieontherun Gaming
    Cookieontherun Gaming 2 months ago I was faster then the dog, literally had this happen to me
  • Kelsier P
    Kelsier P 2 months ago go .turn around,kick his damn shit head
  • António Paixão
    António Paixão 2 months ago @celtic knight , bruuh.. If the serial killer is psychopath with the same personality as mine, then the guy who is running more is the guy who is gonna die. Because if he values is life so much to live all friends behind, then it will be that much more pleasuring to see him notice he is actually the one who is being followed, and is death will be the more unenthusiastic. Of course I'm talking just whit the knowledge I read in a book. I would never actually do something similar. 😇😏
  • Jv t
    Jv t 2 months ago (edited) Bold of you to assume I have friends🤠
  • Park chaeyoung
    Park chaeyoung 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • celtic knight
    celtic knight 3 months ago Not that joke work with serial killers not poor dogs
  • Blurb
    Blurb 4 months ago I love your last line! "It's me telling my body who's in charge". Running is a mental battle... Literally
  • Josefina Falero Rodriguez
    Josefina Falero Rodriguez 1 week ago Ikr?
  • lvl1 runner
    lvl1 runner 2 weeks ago I totally agree with that
  • Joe Collado
    Joe Collado 1 month ago It definitely is a mental battle! I almost took the same route but i wanted to push myself to go further and it was a success ive never felt so much better =)
  • Steven Comoro
    Steven Comoro 1 month ago So what helps
  • Nikolas Stoebick
    Nikolas Stoebick 2 months ago This. The mental side is where I've found I shine the most. My pace isn't the fastest and I can't run the furthest, but mentally I push through what would stop me
  • The Happy Choices
    The Happy Choices 4 months ago so true right?
  • Heather Mahoney
    Heather Mahoney 4 months ago Yes it totally is You know your body is capable but your mind is the one holding you back
  • Paula Morical
    Paula Morical 1 month ago My beginner's tip may not be popular, but it's true: It's ok to walk when you need to. Just keep going and trying.
  • Amy Fox
    Amy Fox 3 days ago Interesting. As a beginner runner myself, my key tip is to never stop until I’m done. If I get tired, I slow to a very slow jog, but never to a walk. You have to have the mindset that your body can do it, because it can.
  • Underwood
    Underwood 1 week ago followed exactly this. increased speed slowly.
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 1 week ago Black182heart well you don’t run a great deal, 2k. 10 minutes at most... ask pro runners, the best in the world... all train on trails. Not hard to use your eyes to avoid potential hazards
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 1 week ago (edited) Black182heart, yes & no. Like you said more incompetent beginners however trail running is far better on the joints than what road running is, often trails are uneven in other areas. If you suffer joint pain and want to run then trail running offers you a platform to do so within some extent, or atleast far more friendly than road
  • Black182heart
    Black182heart 1 week ago Another beginner tip: Never run on an uneven surface. You can twist your ankle and tear ligament severely.
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 4 weeks ago 100% true!!
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 1 month ago Agreed last thing you want to do is stop!
  • Jokeasterfe
    Jokeasterfe 1 month ago Paula Morical My first 5k was 50% walked. But it got me into them.
  • funkaholiq xoxo
    funkaholiq xoxo 2 months ago I want to get into running but I have such bad anxiety and I start thinking, "what if people are laughing at me or staring." 🤦🏻‍♀️😓
  • Joy To the world
    Joy To the world 1 day ago Omg same
  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez 4 days ago It just gives me confidence to run faster
  • kitten :3
    kitten :3 5 days ago I just go to the forest nobody sees me xd
  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez 1 week ago Check out Dave Goggins. Will give you a reality check about what we should think about what people think...plus he is a beast and will surely be motivating
  • BTS needs to see this
    BTS needs to see this 1 week ago funkaholiq xoxo omg samee
  • Slime Dinero
    Slime Dinero 1 week ago funkaholiq xoxo they probably once were in your position... lml who cares
  • Rachel
    Rachel 1 week ago cross country is great, as it's mostly through woods and fields, so you hardly ever see anyone, and I personally feel more like I can walk if I need to, so there's no judgment from that, it really does help with the anxiety factor (I'm diagnosed with anxiety and totally feel you, I can barely stand to run on tracks due to it) and you often get so into your work out you then either don't notice people or are too tired to care
  • smilingrid
    smilingrid 2 weeks ago honestly, I've found running really helpful for my anxiety. I get so into Zombies, Run! or whatever music/podcast that I'm listening to that people don't matter so much. Plus, your running pace is likely a bit faster than others walking pace, so you get to leave them and their possible staring in your dust :)
  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 2 weeks ago Same, but if this helps you can usually get treadmills pretty cheap on ebay or craigslist. Thats what we did, so I started off running at home
  • violet . sand
    violet . sand 2 weeks ago me too, i live in a neighborhood so there's constantly people everywhere
  • Dezzy M
    Dezzy M 2 weeks ago Omg same😓
  • Bella Riddle
    Bella Riddle 2 weeks ago I suffer from anxiety too and feel the same way 99% of the time. But trust me, the feeling you get when you realize youre fit and healty beats it all. It helped me with depression and anxiety too <3
  • L P
    L P 2 weeks ago funkaholiq xoxo Here’s how I think of it. If you’re staring at me from your yard or house, then you have time to do what I’m doing. If you’re staring at me while on your own run, you aren’t working hard enough. You shouldn’t even have the capacity to think about anything else if you’re on a run.
  • Nothing-k
    Nothing-k 2 weeks ago Honestly they probably wanna go out and do what your doing.
  • Senko San
    Senko San 3 weeks ago funkaholiq xoxo ME TOO
  • Blink FoldsUp
    Blink FoldsUp 3 weeks ago funkaholiq xoxo same
  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez 3 weeks ago stay positive and believe in yourself. I have felt that in the past for many years and now at 44 have accepted that it does not matter. What matters is to put me first before what people think of me. Put you first before what you believe others will think
  • Future Vet
    Future Vet 3 weeks ago Same that’s why I wake up at 5 am to do my runs lol
  • Pin Cushion
    Pin Cushion 3 weeks ago I smoke a j before going for a run do I care what people think... HELL NO
  • NevaehLeigh Life
    NevaehLeigh Life 3 weeks ago Same
  • Karina
    Karina 3 weeks ago Girl literally no one will laugh i mean they just won't care enough to laugh or stare trust me. When you see someone jogging you don't laugh, you just dont gaf right?😂just try to put yourself in their shoes (perspective) of how you see them
  • Miss Interpret
    Miss Interpret 4 weeks ago Me tooooo 🤣🤣🤣
  • belinda smith
    belinda smith 1 month ago Just do it after sometime you careless about people's opinions
  • J K
    J K 1 month ago Don't worry about it. I started recently and right now. Every time I pass a granny, I feel like they walk faster if they see me slow down. It actually helps me to keep going. How many grannies can I pass before I have to break and walk? Or I should start jogging again because this granny sped up I think.
  • TheMichael408
    TheMichael408 1 month ago Why would they?
  • Ronni Malveaux
    Ronni Malveaux 1 month ago SAMEEEEE
  • zsandcastle
    zsandcastle 1 month ago me too 🤦🏼‍♀️ but i'm so motivated that i feel like i won't care anymore hehe 💕
  • Highlives
    Highlives 1 month ago That's why you run faster
  • EL-_VIP_- 504
    EL-_VIP_- 504 1 month ago Believe in your self bro dont let other people judge you
  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 1 month ago Same, I'm starting on a treadmill until I feel more confident
  • Dot Pulchritude
    Dot Pulchritude 1 month ago They will stare, but it shouldn't matter. With time you get to love your mission and become oblivious of anyone staring at you. Run while listening to music.
  • Alastor
    Alastor 1 month ago Run at night like I do.
  • Polski Daily
    Polski Daily 1 month ago People don't star at you because people don't care. Everyone just cares about themselves.
  • movie end
    movie end 1 month ago people always stare at you yeah, it's so annoying.
  • jaya xo
    jaya xo 2 months ago same
  • Tegan Evans
    Tegan Evans 2 months ago Try a treadmill at the gym!
  • Plushy
    Plushy 2 months ago Same here. I just moved to a house with a big park in front and thought about jogging for the first time in my life. It helped to stake it out and watch a few other people doing it first. I've just started doing a few laps around it, as early as I can in the morning when there aren't too many people. My partner came with me, so that helped. We alternated between walking and running as I've realised it's much harder than I thought! I think in these situations, most people are just doing their own thing and it's only in our head that we think that people are watching - truth is, and this sounds harsh but it's helpful: we just aren't that interesting! ;-) As for the minority of people who might take an interest and feel the need to be mean - it's their problem and no decent person would ever want to give you a hard time for doing something to help yourself. It would speak volumes more about the naysayer than it would about you. Go for it!
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 2 months ago Trust me on this: nobody cares. Truly. When you see runners on the road where you are, how much time do you dedicate to making fun of them in your head? Probably not at all (unless you're a pretty garbage person, at which case I would encourage you to reevaluate some personal stuff). That's how it is when people see you run too! Truly, nobody cares. In fact, people might be inspired seeing you out there. When I always see a runner when I'm driving somewhere, I just think "man, they're awesome, I wish I could be out there right now too!"
  • where's my mind
    where's my mind 2 months ago Omg I had the same problem bit I go of road where theirs no cars so liek fields or back roads x
  • Rehan Verma
    Rehan Verma 2 months ago Fuck people just do it u will feel better and will feel motivated
  • tinglis12
    tinglis12 2 months ago I felt the same way when I started so I chose a local trail to start where there were very little people around. Now I’m good and I don’t care what others think (I actually have caught myself singing out loud while I’m running) because I know I’m doing something to better myself and that’s good for me physically and emotionally. Nothing feels better than when you set a goal for yourself and complete it. Run girl run!
  • Jack Cook
    Jack Cook 2 months ago You could try a local running club where you run in a group full of other people 👍
  • Mike R
    Mike R 6 months ago Here’s another tip - don’t take a massive bunch of keys on a run... you only need 1
  • Christina Reynolds
    Christina Reynolds 4 days ago I need two keys though
  • Pin Cushion
    Pin Cushion 3 weeks ago I leave the bunch in the car and take the car key common sense really
  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 1 month ago (edited) Julia Farina 🌸 who are you talking to, I didn’t see any mean comments 🥺 Someone told me I can leave all other keys in car 😊 Geeze that is a lot of keys to take everyday, knowing my luck I’d end up forgetting one of them at home lol 😂
  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 1 month ago telanis9 🌸 will do 👍🏼
  • telanis9
    telanis9 1 month ago @Gail Fisher Leave your house key in the car....
  • jenelle renee
    jenelle renee 2 months ago Jam Glam i would suggest some lulu lemon shorts with a little hidden key pocket that has a zipper if you run often !
  • littlepaperjellyfish
    littlepaperjellyfish 2 months ago my house has 3 doors at the front lol I kinda have to take multiple keys
  • Jam Glam
    Jam Glam 2 months ago I need my house key and mailbox and I need a decorative key chain because I would lose a single key
  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 3 months ago 🌸 house key and car key as I have to drive to a location I don’t do same one twice, for safety and to kill boredom
  • Animefangirl :3
    Animefangirl :3 3 months ago I need 2
  • Bucketlist Fit Running
    Bucketlist Fit Running 5 months ago But then you can't jingle all the way home! Sorry, had to.
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 6 months ago Well, where I lived when I filmed this, I needed a few keys because of the gated community I lived in. But yes, I agree! Take only what you need!
  • Cinnamon_Berry
    Cinnamon_Berry 3 months ago I get scared of being kidnapped in the middle of my run :/
  • Emily Nestor
    Emily Nestor 17 hours ago Yikes
  • triggered punk
    triggered punk 3 days ago When im running, they think im the kidnapper.
  • kitten :3
    kitten :3 5 days ago Luckily my country is safe and I can go to the forest to run
  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose 1 week ago Same. Or a mountain lion slicing me up. 😬
  • Allison H
    Allison H 3 weeks ago I got a fanny pack to carry pepper spray or a knife lol
  • Wacking Cactus
    Wacking Cactus 4 weeks ago Go around a park or something
  • Cool Person
    Cool Person 1 month ago I go running around college campus
  • Abbie York
    Abbie York 1 month ago Oml same
  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 1 month ago @JoHanSolo ! LMAO XD made my day
  • Dot Pulchritude
    Dot Pulchritude 1 month ago (edited) LOL! Just don't go running on a lonely road.
  • JoHanSolo !
    JoHanSolo ! 1 month ago Same, but I use it as motivation so I run faster. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Jinx Hex
    Jinx Hex 2 months ago Same
  • Alia Figueroa
    Alia Figueroa 4 months ago (edited) I always meet new people when I go for a run. Like the PARAMEDICS I'd run for a bit and have a heart attack lol but it hurts and it sucks.
  • Hiddenwingedemon
    Hiddenwingedemon 2 months ago Plus side, meeting new people
  • like a light
    like a light 2 months ago lol that used to happen to me but when i started working out, it stopped. i think its because when you exercise, your VO2 max increases which means you can run more efficiently, faster and for longer. the only problem im having so far while working out is muscle contractions in my stomach from breathing too fast for too long.
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago 😄
  • N0ZP1K3R
    N0ZP1K3R 3 weeks ago When you start out jogging, your chest will feel like it will explode, ignore the pain and your second wind will come, after that it will get easier.  The beginning stages will be the hardest.
  • Mr Flaco
    Mr Flaco 1 week ago im a beginner runner, i feel that too, and i feel my legs are so heavy i cant even lift them. what advice can you give me on that
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 2 weeks ago Sooo true!
  • Matthew Ellerington
    Matthew Ellerington 3 months ago Watched this before my first run a few months ago, mid December. Today I finished my first 10km race. Thankyou so much.
  • sugoi kimochi
    sugoi kimochi 1 month ago aaaa i got motivated
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 3 months ago You are AWESOME Matthew! Happy running!
  • Hannah Ellis
    Hannah Ellis 3 months ago Holy smokes! Are you me? Running, brunette, flip belt, gold edged samsung 7, Washington license, dependant military ID. Remove before flight keychain. This is straight weird?!?!Watching the video was like....wait.... did I make a YouTube video?
  • E-lliptic
    E-lliptic 1 week ago Michael Ndudim 😂😂
  • Hannah Ellis
    Hannah Ellis 1 month ago @Michael Ndudim true, having a long, elegant neck is my burden. I will find a way to make it.
  • ABDTalk
    ABDTalk 1 month ago @Michael Ndudim Bwahahahahahaha
  • Cnswanson
    Cnswanson 1 month ago Michael Ndudim loool
  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 2 months ago @Michael Ndudim Lmao 😂💀
  • Michael Ndudim
    Michael Ndudim 2 months ago Her neck isn't that long.
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago @eileen perez Maybe they'll do an episode on the new "Twilight Zone."
  • eileen perez
    eileen perez 3 months ago Hannah Ellis - clones?
  • milica ilić
    milica ilić 3 months ago this comment made my day tbh hahaahh
  • Hiro Valentine
    Hiro Valentine 3 months ago 10 year runner tip. Trainer Mileage - as soon as you see wear and tear in your Trainer which happens to me every 400 miles approx. buy a new pair. And make sure the soul is reasonably flexible without being thin. Empty stomach - don't believe everything you hear about eating carbs, eating before run, timing eating etc. Its all nonsense. Run on an empty stomach, I run up to 10 miles without any food that day. Caffiene - yes. This will be more than adequate to get to 10 miles with one cup of coffee. If you go past 10 miles then eat, but do not listen to beginner tips about smashing food before a run. Nonsense. Eat afterward. Run hard - if you struggle or feel like crap on a run. This is a win no matter what time you reached or how bad you did. It was good exercise if you felt tired during the run. If you didn't, didn't get anything out of it. Good days and bad days, irrelavent... as long as you ran, you win.
  • DWilliamsofficial
    DWilliamsofficial 2 weeks ago @Sasha Wagner yes carbohydrates cause fat gain, not fat itself
  • wildesthog
    wildesthog 4 weeks ago (edited) @Evita Blehmane Sounds like your tonsils are very sensitive to cold air or to the bacterial/fungal spores in it, or you might be alergic to polen too. Either way, talk to your doctor. He/she might advice you to cut them tonsils out, I bet if that's the case, after the operation you'll forget you ever had that problem. Ps. It might fix joint pain too if you're experiencing it regularly.
  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 1 month ago This advice is total garbage lol, you need to eat in order for your body to perform glycolysis and to enable the resynthesis of ATP, otherwise that’s what ‘hitting the wall’ is if you don’t eat, I feel pretty entitled to an opinion as I’m a pro ironman triathlete, running a 2:40 marathon in an Ironman... you can not eat however you can suffer the consequences...
  • J K
    J K 1 month ago I remember when I did cross country. Eating before running meant feeling nausea and very tired.
  • Retro Workshop
    Retro Workshop 1 month ago Note: it is slightly subjective to body types, ability, and goals. If you want to lose fat/weight, say, then DO NOT eat before or directly afterwards. Run/lift a lot, with little food, this way you burn the fat already on your body. If you want to gain fat/muscle, then DO EAT before and afterwards. Run/lift and eat a lot, this way you don't burn your body fat, you only gain.
  • Un Shqip
    Un Shqip 1 month ago my attitude since day one. you forgot to say rest and let your body heal and dont set unrealistic goals.
  • kuyashi
    kuyashi 2 months ago beautiful advice. thanks so much
  • trashcan the wonder dog
    trashcan the wonder dog 2 months ago @Evita Blehmane sounds like you're not breathing properly. I would definitely check out some videos with different techniques and see what works for you. I generally find two breaths in two out is best to keep my oxygen up.
  • Evita Blehmane
    Evita Blehmane 2 months ago Can I ask you a question? What if you feel like fainting or your throat hurts after running cause that's what happens to me.
  • Sasha Wagner
    Sasha Wagner 2 months ago Hiro Valentine carbs is fat?
  • Jade Lo
    Jade Lo 3 months ago thanks for the advice~
  • Hiro Valentine
    Hiro Valentine 3 months ago @Epiphanie Always Agreed, caffiene is so good its dangerous. I would recommend it to all runners ^-^ and gym-goers. Food is overrated. Protein is for repair. Carbs is fat.
  • Epiphanie Always
    Epiphanie Always 3 months ago (edited) Agreed! My best runs were always on apple juice or coffee. I remember when I first ran 6miles without batting an eyelash. It felt so good!
  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 3 months ago Great advice.
  • Marisol Sanchez
    Marisol Sanchez 6 months ago Thanks. Im motivated. This is my 2019 goal.
  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 1 month ago Peter Nhieu 🌸 aware of intermittent fasting as I have done this before I’ll look up the exercises 👍🏼
  • Peter Nhieu
    Peter Nhieu 1 month ago @Gail Fisher not by itself. You lose weight from being in a caloric deficit. Running helps burn calories. If you wish to lose weight look up intermittent fasting and HIIT excercises. 🙂
  • Olaf Günther
    Olaf Günther 2 months ago so how is it going?:)
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago U need to move ur body now and then
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago @Bella first week u walk for 20minutes everyday then increase the time gradually i dont run i just walk only
  • Bella
    Bella 2 months ago Pshyco Man but sadly when I run my legs hurt so much like when I take another step, it hurts :’( so i tend to walk and cant take another run :(((
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago @Bella be consistent and enjoy and reduce ur sugar intake ,drink lot of water have cheat meal weekly once but be careful of what u eat on cheat days thats all enjoy
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago @Bella superb remember ur aim should be getting better of yourself everyday k and if u focus on that u will surely get what u want
  • Bella
    Bella 2 months ago Pshyco Man i started my first run today... :)
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago @Bella i used to eat in a caloric deficit for the past 2month and now i last 10kgs i just walk 1hr thats all
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 2 months ago @Bella s a lot of differences
  • Bella
    Bella 2 months ago Pshyco Man oh my god can u see the difference on your body structure??? I would love to know cus i wanna start losing this annoying fat :(
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 3 months ago @Gail Fisher thanks man keep up the good work
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 3 months ago @Arthur Kirk 👍
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago @Pshyco Man WTG!
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 3 months ago @Gail Fisher lost 10kgs in 2months
  • Arthur Kirk
    Arthur Kirk 3 months ago 🍀
  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 3 months ago Pshyco Man 🌸 shit load of weight very fast
  • Pshyco Man
    Pshyco Man 5 months ago Can running makes us lose weight
  • Bucketlist Fit Running
    Bucketlist Fit Running 5 months ago Awesome, good luck with your goal. Just go day by day!! You got this.
  • miss tyra
    miss tyra 6 months ago Yaa..me too..😄
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 6 months ago Woohoo! You got this!
  • hi there
    hi there 3 months ago Tip #1. BLAST Metallica at full volume Tip #2. BLAST Eminem at full volume
  • twiston43
    twiston43 1 day ago Five Finger Death Punch seem to never want me to quit when I listen to them.
  • Heather H
    Heather H 3 weeks ago Pantera is my go to
  • ohyeahyeah ohyeahyeah
    ohyeahyeah ohyeahyeah 1 month ago I recommend sabaton
  • Duh Duck
    Duh Duck 1 month ago (edited) I like tip #2 lol
  • Comment Police
    Comment Police 2 months ago Lel
  • Dave Saenz
    Dave Saenz 2 months ago Blast Black Sabbath
  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 2 months ago GOD TIP: BLAST TAY K THE RACE
  • angelita jamito
    angelita jamito 2 days ago For beginners. -Get a good quality sleep -You must learn proper warm-up and stretches before and after your run for your body to avoid injuries and unnecessary pain... - before running i only drink half cup of coffee, it boost my energy and make me feel alive i guess. -before u run or jog make sure to start walking with maybe 10m walking or whenever u feel ir ready -dont lean ur body forward, keep it straight. -on ur first minute, try to breath only thru ur nose. -if ever ur exhausted dont open ur mouth too much while breathing.. -breath deep, and exhale slowly. -dont think that u are tired. Dont look down, always forward and keep motivating urself while running. -good music helps too. ...sorri im not quite confident on my english. These things helps me a lot avoiding injuries and running longer on the track. God bless. Keep healthy 🤘
  • Paradite
    Paradite 2 years ago lol self talk. I always thought that stuff was bull crap until I started running.
  • BE Eason
    BE Eason 1 week ago I usually talk to myself in 3rd person lol
  • Trail Ru.nning
    Trail Ru.nning 1 year ago And then you suddenly have like 100 pair of running shoes and your family misses you 😂
  • Yip Yip!
    Yip Yip! 1 year ago Wait whut? I talk to myself way too much then... even when not running :S
  • joshua oloyede
    joshua oloyede 1 year ago :)
  • Curly Pyro
    Curly Pyro 2 years ago me😂
  • K R
    K R 2 years ago not me. i talk shit, sooth myself cry, moan, whatever I need
  • sun quick
    sun quick 2 years ago Paradite lol. same. I even feel embarass because I often self talk but not when running. Never.
  • Caty Culp
    Caty Culp 2 years ago Right!?!
  • Nadhira A Wulandari
    Nadhira A Wulandari 3 weeks ago My tips is before you start running, try to walk first untill you feel ready to run
  • jacko523
    jacko523 2 weeks ago I can not reccomend this enough. Start off with a walk daily if possibly for two weeks and up the pace when you feel ready. Once your muscles have strengthened you should find it alot easier to start running.
  • Senko San
    Senko San 3 weeks ago Nadhira A Wulandari thank you!
  • Imani Maldonado
    Imani Maldonado 4 months ago I wanna start running but I got school in the morning and I don’t feel like waking up at 5 am to run...
  • Josefina Falero Rodriguez
    Josefina Falero Rodriguez 1 week ago same lol
  • Jay Angel Gaming
    Jay Angel Gaming 1 month ago @Cecelia when do you sleep???
  • Morning Star
    Morning Star 1 month ago I wake up at 5am for school,,,if i had to wake up earlier Id die
  • Rakesh Mehra
    Rakesh Mehra 1 month ago Stupid excuse!
  • Susana Jiménez
    Susana Jiménez 1 month ago @Johnator45 Yeah, whatever..
  • Johnator45
    Johnator45 1 month ago @Susana Jiménez you were kinda dickish and high-horse about it in there and that term you highlighted souds as much BS positivism as anything. I did not catch onto your esoteric meaning of it in there. K. Thx. Bai. Not gonna respond to this anymore.
  • Susana Jiménez
    Susana Jiménez 1 month ago @Johnator45 I kinda said that on my first response... "Just be realistic and say the truth to yourself". duuh
  • G0MERP3
    G0MERP3 2 months ago Bradley Bowers best advice ever. I’m 126 podcasts in. I have learned so much!!
  • it’s annabelle
    it’s annabelle 2 months ago same
  • Johnator45
    Johnator45 2 months ago @Susana Jiménez maybe a lie for you or maybe you are doing it wrong. A short, quick jog like 3k in 20 or so minutes should charge instead of drain you. If it drains you, you are running too fast or don't sleep enough. I mentioned enough sleep is necessary in my reply. I admit everyone is slightly different, so what is good for me may not be good for everyone. You should find out what works for you and stick to that.
  • Macey Winter
    Macey Winter 2 months ago if you really wanna do it then wake up at 5 and make it happen
  • Susana Jiménez
    Susana Jiménez 2 months ago @Johnator45 THAT'S A BIG FAT LIE!!! Imani Maldonado don't lie to yourself with "I will feel more fresh for the rest of the day" bc its not true. I did that with spinning class, and I never felt amazing for the rest of the day: I got sleep deprived. Just be realistic and say the truth to yourself: I'm doing this for my longevity, mental and physical health, etc. I found out the hard way that I can't fake positivism, my brain identifies my bullshit right away and I end up falling back asleep. But when I say the truth in my mind (this is necessary for your mental health bc you don't like your reflection in the mirror, get up and run) I do get up.
  • T3R3Z1 PYROP3
    T3R3Z1 PYROP3 2 months ago Dude, do ya know how refreshing it is to wake up while it’s dark to run?
  • Bradley Bowers
    Bradley Bowers 2 months ago watch jacko willnik podcasts. Hes a crazy navy seal.
  • Thiago Wutzke
    Thiago Wutzke 2 months ago Run to school, if you don't mind getting there a little sweaty
  • Anon Amos
    Anon Amos 2 months ago The baby goat in your pic suits this comment perfectly
  • like a light
    like a light 2 months ago running doesnt care about your feelings.
  • Kie E
    Kie E 3 months ago Yeah adapt to that
  • dklamara
    dklamara 3 months ago run in the evening when its dark and a bit cooler!
  • Johnator45
    Johnator45 4 months ago Stop telling yourself what you dont feel like. I can guarantee you will feel more fresh and ready to start the day after a quick jog in the morning. Put that positive achievement in the bank right off the bat and carry the wave forward. Better mood will follow. Might even improve your learning capacity. Just make sure you sleep enough.
  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 4 months ago And school holidays ❤️❤️
  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 4 months ago Weekends!
  • Imani Maldonado
    Imani Maldonado 4 months ago Tii Chrisp //haha I would but I live in Arizona, my guy, it gets hawt Right now it’s not too bad but it will get hotter
  • Nicks Da
    Nicks Da 4 months ago Do it after school, thats fine too