The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

Published on Mar 14, 2013 14,908,245 views

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Josh Kaufman is the author of the #1 international bestseller, 'The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business', as well as the upcoming book 'The First 20 Hours: Mastering the Toughest Part of Learning Anything.' Josh specializes in teaching people from all walks of life how to master practical knowledge and skills. In his talk, he shares how having his first child inspired him to approach learning in a whole new way.

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  • James Benton Ticer
    James Benton Ticer 3 years ago I am almost at my 20th hour of watching TEDx talks and I have to say I AM getting pretty good at this.
  • Hao Liu
    Hao Liu 1 day ago James Benton Ticer Of course, you’re good at watching TED
  • just watching Videos
    just watching Videos 1 day ago keep going oneday you will be a master
  • Business Lady
    Business Lady 2 weeks ago Stay strong 👍
  • Sharif Mohamed
    Sharif Mohamed 2 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Madheswaran V
    Madheswaran V 3 weeks ago @Kuldeep Singh Rathore r
  • Onoffon
    Onoffon 1 month ago Being able to listen is also a skill
  • the road twitch
    the road twitch 1 month ago @Jon White Evidently Knowledge + the ability to type does not = the ability to grasp humor😏
  • Tabish Rahman
    Tabish Rahman 1 month ago yeah well done lol i am 16hrs now
  • 李森
    李森 1 month ago 你太可爱了。我用YOUTUBE已经2000个小时了,也没那么在行。
  • Ajay Chanda
    Ajay Chanda 3 months ago Now that's the most underrated comment . period 2019
  • Travel with Amaan
    Travel with Amaan 4 months ago you wanna travel to Sri Lanka comment on my channel
  • Tiffany T
    Tiffany T 6 months ago My favorite youtube comment so far, ha!
  • emmanuel ewenyi
    emmanuel ewenyi 6 months ago Lol...
  • Nerf AF
    Nerf AF 1 year ago I am at my 5.4k reading and liking Youtube comment. I am halfway there to become a professional.
  • Jubessin
    Jubessin 1 year ago You're getting pretty good at getting youtube likes too 😅
  • yazmin hub
    yazmin hub 1 year ago James Benton Ticer likewise here
  • Keneth Duanne Galvez Arenaza
    Keneth Duanne Galvez Arenaza 1 year ago Kuldeep Singh Rathore bĺmļ!ñ
  • Shoeb Batool
    Shoeb Batool 1 year ago Wow!!!hmmm
  • Soy Peanut Ketchup Butter
    Soy Peanut Ketchup Butter 1 year ago Nice one
  • 규린Kyurin
    규린Kyurin 1 year ago James Benton Ticer looooolll
  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia 1 year ago James Benton Ticer lol
  • Teresa D'Alessio
    Teresa D'Alessio 1 year ago James Benton Ticer hahHaHh
  • Lavish BaStard
    Lavish BaStard 1 year ago James Benton Ticer W
  • Akshay Rawat
    Akshay Rawat 1 year ago Jackknifegyp it's not actually learning from the perspective you've imagined. It's about starting to learn a skill that can be implemented in very few hours.
  • Jackknifegyp
    Jackknifegyp 1 year ago Do you really believe him? ANYTHING??? In 20 hours??? If so, you have never really tried to learn anything remotely complex.
  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe 1 year ago You learn a lot getting / receiving the message from experts directly.
  • Jeremy Rawlings
    Jeremy Rawlings 2 years ago Have to practice that for 20hrs
  • T Mike
    T Mike 2 years ago Akshay Rawat I'm pretty sure there is an award for that..yep! IT'S NOW TIME for you to Stand up and do the billy dance in honor of your accomplishment!
  • Akshay Rawat
    Akshay Rawat 2 years ago And I'm about to hit 10,000 hours on watching TED talks. :D
  • Siderleia vendrameto
    Siderleia vendrameto 2 years ago James Benton Ticer cli
  • 聂圣一
    聂圣一 2 years ago haha ,quite agree with you
  • Dina Abdullah
    Dina Abdullah 2 years ago James Benton Ticer i
  • Cody Bowling
    Cody Bowling 2 years ago James Benton Ticer I'm pretty good at learning LOL. Idk how many hours I've spent on the skill of learning, but I'm pretty good at learning.
    TUYỂN NGUYEN VAN 2 years ago i'm think too, and i'm trying right now
  • yumyummoany
    yumyummoany 2 years ago I think maybe James was being humorous!
  • Stephen Sowah
    Stephen Sowah 2 years ago Great, will check it out. I've started using the Yousician and its a great app too.
  • Paul Reeves
    Paul Reeves 2 years ago HhEheheHeHEHEheheHE go to trutHConTesTcoM, rEaD THe pREsEnt
  • Peter Mosher
    Peter Mosher 2 years ago lol