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  • ValkyrieAurora
    ValkyrieAurora 1 year ago Who's that soft voiced chick she sounds real annoying get her outta here
  • Canal Ruim
    Canal Ruim 1 year ago Hi senpai
  • Bananas
    Bananas 1 year ago well... that's some depression
  • Sinnister
    Sinnister 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora if you're a soft chick you must have soft cheeks too 👉😎👉
  • Taylor Bee
    Taylor Bee 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora freaking love that voice.
  • theveryfinecat
    theveryfinecat 1 year ago that YELL!!!
  • Arausito
    Arausito 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora i disagree. She sounds cute as heck
  • Shiny Emil
    Shiny Emil 1 year ago N'awww you're awesome.
  • KirbyKips
    KirbyKips 1 year ago Your voice sounds like a goddess! So serene and beautiful and...oh crap Buns taught you to yell
  • PED
    PED 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora thank you for explaining the Nier and drankengard lore (i wanted to thank somehow :p)
  • Kebra des Bois
    Kebra des Bois 1 year ago (edited) I have a question about NieR, is that possible that the robot are the human souls trapped in artificial bodies and the androids are the replicants after thousands of years or something along those lines? What made me think about this are those masks some robots are wearing as well as the presence of Devola and Popola... just wondering, that would look like something Yoko Taro could do.
  • Fat Albert The Keyblade Master
    Fat Albert The Keyblade Master 1 year ago I like her voice
  • Fuhrer King Cris
    Fuhrer King Cris 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora you are like the VaatiVidya of Yoko Taro Games tbh
  • Needle Mouse
    Needle Mouse 1 year ago Nier Automata for beginners, featuring the PR voice from your local public transit station.
  • Νίκος Σ.
    Νίκος Σ. 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora I love her tbh.
  • Yonk
    Yonk 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora hey its video game donkeys wife leahandra!
  • touma
    touma 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora it sound like a female robot
  • succ mahpp
    succ mahpp 1 year ago i like ur voice tho.
  • James Marino
    James Marino 1 year ago Good job stretching your comedy voice. :D You were hilarious in this.
  • Zyxima
    Zyxima 1 year ago YOU
  • darkwindCM
    darkwindCM 1 year ago for real though, I stopped watching this video three minutes in because I can't take listening to your voice. It's not an insult to you but I just really don't like your voice. So I'm not watching the rest of this video.. I hate it when she keeps bringing on these guest voice actors. I really used to like this channel,
  • sigh824
    sigh824 1 year ago Her name is PepsiVicodin, don't be rude
  • Tristan De Ramos
    Tristan De Ramos 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora But... 9s is trash
  • Death Korps Krieg Gaming Network
    Death Korps Krieg Gaming Network 1 year ago Naw she has a great voice and should do more appearances time to time on this channel
  • Vanitas 42
    Vanitas 42 1 year ago Ah...the voice of an angel...oh, and you sounded very nice too, ValkyrieAurora.
  • Goro Akechi
    Goro Akechi 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora I'm just here reading the comment thread. By the way, what was this about pancakes?
  • Usubeni Zero
    Usubeni Zero 1 year ago Check out her social media accounts and be amazed <3 also sub to her YT <3
  • Frank ILYY
    Frank ILYY 1 year ago Ha! I knew it! I heard that soothing voice before!
  • Malum
    Malum 1 year ago Trying to lowkey pretend she isn't the sexiest voice on youtube I see. Smooth Valk.
  • Carry Me Anego
    Carry Me Anego 1 year ago I love you
  • american cheese
    american cheese 1 year ago Arausito she was the one talking
  • Sory12345
    Sory12345 1 year ago Lmao
  • Reactor Ray
    Reactor Ray 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora She's probably the female version of Hitler
  • MrTopHatMan
    MrTopHatMan 1 year ago SHOW US YOUR REAL VOICE
  • Carlos Laucho
    Carlos Laucho 1 year ago Your voice is non-advertiser friendly, lady.
  • wm ahay
    wm ahay 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora noooo, your voice is lovely
  • Septic Art
  • Orphan Tulip
    Orphan Tulip 1 year ago I almost thought it was buns
  • PolishPipebomb
    PolishPipebomb 1 year ago You will forever always now be "PepsiVicodin" that is all.
  • Ari Edge
    Ari Edge 1 year ago that soft voice... was awsome....
  • AwkwardThursdays
    AwkwardThursdays 1 year ago Pepsi Vicodin :D Your voice is amazing
  • Grand Silver
    Grand Silver 1 year ago Aurora&Buns make a good combo
  • Angelo Mangana
    Angelo Mangana 1 year ago Aigis is that you??
  • Bangi'n Bangolo
    Bangi'n Bangolo 1 year ago Sinnister pfft UR STRAIGHT! hahahaha! Oh wait...
  • RadDude
    RadDude 1 year ago Hey PepsiVicatin ✋
  • Princess Bubblegum
    Princess Bubblegum 1 year ago Good boy good boy good boy
  • Princess Bubblegum
    Princess Bubblegum 1 year ago You could be voice actress
  • Sleeping Forest
    Sleeping Forest 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora Www watch my f@#%king content.Com best part lmao😂
  • Recht_voor_zijn_raap
    Recht_voor_zijn_raap 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora Not to be sexist.... But oh my God your voice ... I'm in love 😍
  • TheSmashMaster9000
    TheSmashMaster9000 1 year ago Amen!
  • Nuno The Dude
    Nuno The Dude 1 year ago Yeah we dont like her!
  • jive7391
    jive7391 1 year ago You are best girl <3
  • SupertoastGT
    SupertoastGT 1 year ago She sounds freaking amazing. lol Sell an album of ordinary boring conversations about... I dunno watching grass grow and I'd probably BUY IT. XD
  • Leon
    Leon 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora I'm. GlAD. AlL. YouR. StuFF. iS. iN. PlaYLisTS. FoR. VieWeR. EaSE.
  • Ink Blade
    Ink Blade 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora I think her name is Pepsi Vicodin
  • JustWatchingVideo56
    JustWatchingVideo56 1 year ago (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)
  • Mildewed Duke
    Mildewed Duke 1 year ago More like sexy voiced chick ;D
  • Rouge one
    Rouge one 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora your voice is mind blowing do you have any audio books?
  • Daniel Paterson
    Daniel Paterson 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora Your voice, however, sounds so soothing. I just wanna hear you read a fairytale to children.
  • Ethan Ford Ford
    Ethan Ford Ford 1 year ago the best girl thats who
  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora Definitely the most soothing voice on youtube.
  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 1 year ago That was some subtle self promotion sooooooooooo subtle
  • Rusty Blader
  • The Guy
    The Guy 1 year ago Sexy voice.
  • Jason Carto
    Jason Carto 1 year ago Somehow i want buns to yell at me as a life coach too
  • C-X 3
  • psycosanches589
  • Rusty Blader
    Rusty Blader 1 year ago psycosanches589 ouch that's harsh.....stooping straight to calling her that....
  • David Bannister
    David Bannister 1 year ago Pepsi Vicodin. Duh
  • Jerry Torres
    Jerry Torres 1 year ago Recht_voor_zijn_raap how are you sexist for complimenting her voice?????🤔🤔🤔
  • bbgunshot
    bbgunshot 1 year ago I can't stand her omg.
  • Sol
    Sol 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora The main chick is annoying. Loud and obnoxious doesnt make funny.
  • Ace Hero
    Ace Hero 1 year ago who are you
  • Rusty Blader
    Rusty Blader 1 year ago She is Nappa incarnate
  • Elroid Tiereon
    Elroid Tiereon 1 year ago I swear I did NOT expect to hear your voice here, and I did NOT expect to bust my ass laughing so much and having to come back like 20 times to the "PUNCH SOMETHING" bit love ya work (:
  • richard killface
    richard killface 1 year ago wow you're so funny hehe xDD epic for the win!
  • Newezreal
    Newezreal 1 year ago what i fell in love with her voice <3
  • SCP-953
    SCP-953 1 year ago Too used to butters voice
  • tubepunksheep
    tubepunksheep 1 year ago BURN HER BURN HER!
  • Jovi Zhang
    Jovi Zhang 1 year ago Saw your Nier video couple of months ago, felt like you have a great voice. watch this video today, some how I immediately recognized it: Hey, this sounds like the lore video I saw ages ago, I remember that sht...really like your voice, hope your channel thrives:)
  • antimatterdragon321
    antimatterdragon321 1 year ago 9S sucks.
  • Mirmisian
    Mirmisian 1 year ago I just beat the game today I didn't do gathering keepsakes no way in hell im going through that philosophical mind fuck again (I still liked it just don't wanna reinstall)
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 1 year ago I just tried going to www.watchmyf******content.com and guess what IT DIDN'T WORK YOU CON ARTIST!
  • Ryan Gooler
    Ryan Gooler 1 year ago BTW, the call to your channel was amazing. I almost spittake'd the first time I heard it. Good choice.
  • nothri
    nothri 1 year ago "Who's that soft voiced chick she sounds real annoying get her outta here" Oh, really? Let's see you do a better voice! (The joke is they are the same person, btw)
  • Sauce
    Sauce 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora tentacles up your mouth Valk?
  • Sauce
    Sauce 1 year ago ValkyrieAurora the one who is not 2B
  • SaraAliciaCaster
    SaraAliciaCaster 1 year ago I think its pepsi vicodin
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago Arausito she is that voice. That is the joke. You're a fucking moron. Stand in front of a speeding semi and dont have children.
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago Recht_voor_zijn_raap how is that sexist? Get a dictionary
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago Booker Dewitt if only she had a channel on YouTube that you could look and see.... oh wait. And why the fuck would she have audio books.
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago Jay Dee no.
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago SaraAliciaCaster why tf do people keep saying that
  • patrick Katalenas
    patrick Katalenas 1 year ago your voice is AMAZING!!!
  • Killermike XP
    Killermike XP 1 year ago U sound beautiful then OH GOD NO buns taught u to yell NO
  • TRU-BORG16
    TRU-BORG16 1 year ago You're you.
  • Vortexx
    Vortexx 1 year ago it was vaatividya
  • The Legend Of Dark Shadow
    The Legend Of Dark Shadow 1 year ago Her voice is awesome
  • Seris
    Seris 1 year ago xDDDD
  • Gnome Hans Lan
    Gnome Hans Lan 1 year ago I dunno... I'd suck her buns.
  • Leon Viet Quoc
    Leon Viet Quoc 11 months ago oke.
  • Hiro
    Hiro 11 months ago ValkyrieAurora the waifu has arrived
  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie 11 months ago speak for urself it sounds smooth as silk
  • Todd Blackmon
    Todd Blackmon 10 months ago ValkyrieAurora Only a true champ can diss themselves like a pro. Lol Your voice is incredible. If I don't hear you do some triple A video game or animated show or film, then I have lost all hope in the entertainment industry. AT LEAST BE A GPS IN A RACING GAME OR SOMETHING!!!
  • Todd Blackmon
    Todd Blackmon 10 months ago Carry Me Anego just wanted to give you props for the Drifters profile pic. I have been trying to tell everyone I meet about that show.
  • Rocio Ramirez
    Rocio Ramirez 10 months ago Her name is PepsiVicodin, you gotta check out her content!
  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen 10 months ago Oh hai Pepsi Vicodin
  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo 10 months ago PEPSI VICODIN
  • Bill Robitske
    Bill Robitske 10 months ago But I do love her f-----g content. :D
  • Genesis Russel
    Genesis Russel 10 months ago the sound of WAIIII FUUUU lololol
  • Roman Sanchez
    Roman Sanchez 10 months ago ValkyrieAurora She sounds cute. I think I will check out her channel.
  • Paperzone
    Paperzone 9 months ago Sinnister ( ͡°з ͡°)
  • DontWorry AboutIt
    DontWorry AboutIt 9 months ago Sophie is best waifu
  • Ge Salt
    Ge Salt 9 months ago Holy crap is your voice attractive
  • adamklam1
    adamklam1 9 months ago Can you like... read me books at bed time?... that'd be really heart warming and soothing.
  • Serius Sim
    Serius Sim 8 months ago (edited) I swear PepsiViking's voice impregnated me, and I'm a man
  • Jordan Haines
    Jordan Haines 8 months ago I was about to get mad then realised who posted the comment lol
  • Arnold Orellana
    Arnold Orellana 8 months ago :v
  • GAMER TC21
    GAMER TC21 7 months ago i got a boner from your voice X_X
  • The Black Baron
    The Black Baron 7 months ago Hello pepsi Vicodin
  • Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz 7 months ago ValkyrieAurora I want seduce your voice no homo bro
  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 7 months ago Marrey Meh Senpoop!
  • Man Among Men
    Man Among Men 7 months ago I see you found your wild side.
  • Ziedane14
    Ziedane14 7 months ago i just caaaaaant get out of my laughing outburst after hearing even 2 WORDS from you xD -Dayriu
  • AliceInAWasteland
    AliceInAWasteland 6 months ago ValkyrieAurora Tfw i was about to be like "Booo she's awesome." then realized its you. lul
  • WelshZeCorgi
    WelshZeCorgi 6 months ago Oh my God, it's Pepsi Vicodin!
  • Estie Diel
    Estie Diel 6 months ago Please step on me with your voice
  • Vatan Vlad
    Vatan Vlad 5 months ago please, do not bellyflop to your death, yhank you
  • James Shride
    James Shride 5 months ago @Kebra des Bois Functionally, they are our next evolutionary stage. We gave them our form, and our freedom, our war, and seriously screwed up baggage. They were never intended to supplant us but it just sort of happened, and now they are at war with another new(ish) form of life. The machines. There is more detail which explains this in detail... but spoilers.
  • Patricia Rey
    Patricia Rey 5 months ago Sounds like the voice from the hypnotism tapes, or self-help speeches... But I’m definitely gonna sub.
  • Nathan Lockhart
    Nathan Lockhart 5 months ago That's not how you pronounce valkyrie.
  • Outtake fiend
    Outtake fiend 4 months ago About 1/3 of the comments can be described as woooooosh
  • purpledragontrx
    purpledragontrx 4 months ago Who else agree
  • Jakob Hamlin
    Jakob Hamlin 4 months ago ValkyrieAurora WELLL your voice is soothing I cAn use this when I have anxiety
  • HicksZ34
    HicksZ34 4 months ago You sound a lot like Morgan Webb
  • th3 g3ntal man 010101
    th3 g3ntal man 010101 4 months ago nier automata looks toooooooooo much like metal gear rising COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT
  • Robyn McIntyre
    Robyn McIntyre 4 months ago I actually dislike her voice, pls dont kill me
  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 4 months ago ValkyrieAurora www.watchmyfuckingcontent.com
  • Thomas Cheng
    Thomas Cheng 3 months ago U have a beautiful voice.
  • Cruz Medina
    Cruz Medina 3 months ago @Brian Wingel fucking pussy bitch
  • Fernandasaurio ovo
    Fernandasaurio ovo 3 months ago i love you....
  • hcs161 1
    hcs161 1 2 months ago Geez you found like you'd fit in Yorha just fine
  • Ayden Horrocks
    Ayden Horrocks 1 month ago I could listen too your voice all day of how soothing it is
  • Noah Pagnozzi
    Noah Pagnozzi 1 month ago LIES
  • Aido
    Aido 1 month ago Its a nice voice
  • Dalton Landrum
    Dalton Landrum 1 month ago The voice of someone who trained themselves to laugh a certain way.
  • Shiva Jones
    Shiva Jones 1 month ago I really like this tag team. Especially your change in tone for it. And I've only seen or two of you guys' videos before seeing this
  • Doge of Dojima
    Doge of Dojima 1 month ago Ooh its sensei
  • Prince. Aaron Nicholson article
    Prince. Aaron Nicholson article 3 days ago Ok nice 🎥
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    StygianTraveler141 3 weeks ago @Noe Albert Bonk is dead.
  • Zerotraveler
    Zerotraveler 2 weeks ago I dont completely get it. Was there a frog thing in there, or is it just there as an extension of the B E CO M E A S G O D S meme?
  • StygianTraveler141
    StygianTraveler141 2 weeks ago @Zerotraveler Just a joke upon a joke upon a joke upon a joke upon a meme.
  • OneWingedChris
    OneWingedChris 1 year ago (edited) I want "glorified hair-drier" to be on a t-shirt
  • Man Among Men
    Man Among Men 7 months ago Me too.
  • Isaac Clodfelter
    Isaac Clodfelter 1 year ago Oh my lord you can pet the pod. I have rarely been so happy. That has sold me on the game more than everything else to be frank.
  • s0nycz3kk
    s0nycz3kk 1 year ago I have X-Box One controller on the PC, RIP Q_Q
  • Big-mc Largehuge
    Big-mc Largehuge 1 year ago wiggle the mouse around to pet pod
  • Flutterbutt225
    Flutterbutt225 11 months ago If you pet the pod as 9S, he fist-bumps his pod after patting it on the head. It's the cutest goddamn thing.
  • Fiznaru
    Fiznaru 11 months ago i have pc and i can't *flips the table with a rage* *a lot of rage*
  • METALSTORM99 warframe fan
    METALSTORM99 warframe fan 8 months ago (edited) HOW DO I PET IT ON XBOX ?
  • MTW_Insignio
    MTW_Insignio 6 months ago Wait you can pet the pod?...
  • Water Flower
    Water Flower 5 months ago @MTW_Insignio yes and its super cute
    BLYAT 4 months ago Oh rly
  • a swamp ghoul
    a swamp ghoul 3 months ago I accidentally disliked this comment twice and I’m just replying here to apologize for the misclicks
  • Valcowar 672
    Valcowar 672 1 month ago How do I do that on the PS4.
  • Veeresh Ramsaroop
    Veeresh Ramsaroop 1 year ago Just got the game, was looking for a tutorial, stumbled across this, not disappointed. This is fucking hilarious and informative. Subbed.
  • Clemps
    Clemps 1 year ago DER SHE IS
  • I.
    I. 1 year ago DER YOU ARE
  • theultimateonejpsx
    theultimateonejpsx 1 year ago It's okay Clemps. I'll watch your analysis videos too.
  • Bondfall 007
    Bondfall 007 1 year ago Clemps I don't know what's cooler, the fact that your here, or the cool cat reference.
  • Unbound King
    Unbound King 1 year ago (edited) Aw shit! Finally, a Nier Automata jolly co-op Vid with Valk and Cle-Okay. Just Valkyrie then. At least Clemps is what Taro stares at in his bathtub. So that's something. What's the next niche game? Azure Dreams? Actually, is that niche...? Regardless, I'm glad this came out. All 3 of ya' do good stuff. Honestly, by the end of this game, I was kinda hoping Nier would come back. If only for 9S to yell at him about ruining their lives and choosing his daughter over the rest of the world. It could've also been a cool little callback to something like fighting Caim in Drakengard 2.- We should've gotten a Dragon fight. That would've been cool.
  • Exaflare Bahamut
    Exaflare Bahamut 1 year ago WER DA 2HU
  • Soulless Computer Boy
    Soulless Computer Boy 1 year ago WHEN IS THE AUTOMATA ANALYSIS CLEMPS? I need it.
  • SPL-316
    SPL-316 1 year ago I'M SORRY I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN.
  • CCPEACEoriginal
    CCPEACEoriginal 1 year ago Clemps my boi!
  • Conspiracy theories with tea
    Conspiracy theories with tea 1 year ago (edited) Clemps I LOOOOOOOOVE TO BOOGY-WOOGY
  • Mike Capadano
    Mike Capadano 1 year ago I was literally screaming in my car when I heard your voice. Sad you couldnt do more in the video, but im glad you know Buns. Im subscribed to both of you and love your content.
  • Wendifoe
    Wendifoe 1 year ago XD 14:21 Basically what you'd find in every Youtube Video ever
  • Rumor
    Rumor 1 year ago ITS OUR BOY
  • Naughthail75
    Naughthail75 1 year ago WE NEED MORE CLEMPS!!!!!!
    HOLLOW MAN 1 year ago Enough with t3aseing already clemp i need your nier vid and i need it now
  • Wajima
    Wajima 1 year ago (In Douchebagchocalate voice): "I luv you luvly boi"
  • CycloneFox
    CycloneFox 1 year ago 0:42 DER you are. :D
  • LineGhest
    LineGhest 1 year ago CLEMPSY BOY
  • sander heutink
    sander heutink 1 year ago Rewatching the same content from different viewpoints seems apporpriate for a Yokotaro game :D
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    Viredae 1 year ago CLEMPSY MAH BOI!
  • Sauce
    Sauce 1 year ago Clemps oh the one who was denied
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    Jodie Morgan 1 year ago Clemps is
  • Lisa Twigg
    Lisa Twigg 1 year ago Clemps cool loves you!
  • Chrissy Orr
    Chrissy Orr 1 year ago Poor Clem. I'll check out your page 😂
  • Seris
    Seris 1 year ago I laughed so hard. The desperation tone sold me on it xD
  • DontWorry AboutIt
    DontWorry AboutIt 9 months ago Hi Clemps. Keep truckin.
  • METALSTORM99 warframe fan
    METALSTORM99 warframe fan 8 months ago Who are you ?
  • METALSTORM99 warframe fan
    METALSTORM99 warframe fan 7 months ago No seriously who are you
  • Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon 7 months ago Don't u mean Neir she is?
  • En' Peacee Shekelstein
    En' Peacee Shekelstein 7 months ago Cummies for Clemps!
  • Vatan Vlad
    Vatan Vlad 5 months ago PLEASE SUBSCRIBE I'M SO LONELY
  • Patricia Rey
    Patricia Rey 5 months ago “It’s all day with you people!” “Oh, hey, Buns!” I cracked up at that.
  • Cyberclone07
    Cyberclone07 3 months ago IT'S LORD CLEMPS
  • Sabatheus
    Sabatheus 1 year ago (edited) 22:49 "Ya gotta show 'em what you got. Let's go girls..." BRRRRRAAAAAAAMMMMMMPPPP 28:20 Awww yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about. That walk, tho.
  • Chase Greyson
    Chase Greyson 1 year ago 11:37 Point A to B to YEET
  • Line Ark Industries
    Line Ark Industries 2 months ago My favorite part of the video, hands down.
  • Saigai Hikigane
    Saigai Hikigane 6 days ago Agreed
  • The Guardian Queen
    The Guardian Queen 1 year ago Become as buns.
  • Gouri Gupta
    Gouri Gupta 1 year ago 20:23 "hook up 9S with attack bugs and turn him into a smol boi murder machine with a taste for vengeance and apple juice" best line ever
  • 1Synner
    1Synner 1 year ago > says she'll never make another 40 min long video > makes a 35 min long video clever girl good stuff
  • Otto Von Bismarck
    Otto Von Bismarck 1 year ago 1Synner Why are you trying to greentext on youtube,normalfag?
  • Tovi Heyyy
    Tovi Heyyy 1 year ago Pretty much my FAVOURITE PART of this video was... “2B honest” End me
  • OkyDooky
    OkyDooky 1 year ago Me Bye Don't you mean: "[E]nd me"? Also old joke. XP
  • Tovi Heyyy
    Tovi Heyyy 1 year ago OkyDooky exactly
  • Syntopia
    Syntopia 9 months ago 2B, or not 2B? THAT is the question!
  • Richardthe ShadowPrince
    Richardthe ShadowPrince 7 months ago Did you just?..
  • Richardthe ShadowPrince
    Richardthe ShadowPrince 7 months ago @Syntopia Heh...hehe....hehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!.....why?..
  • Alex intinit
    Alex intinit 5 months ago @Syntopia no the question is 2b or 9s
  • Liagreen
    Liagreen 4 months ago None of this explains why the androids are so attractive how am i supposed to enjoy the backrounds of the game and the little details when shES RIGHT INFRONT OF ME---
  • Fistfullofboomstick
    Fistfullofboomstick 1 month ago my theory is that the androids were already being produced for... other... uses... and then the aliens invaded. they were reprogrammed into YorHa combat models and used to supplement the existing human forces until all dem hoomans died off.
  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien
    にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien 1 month ago It is simple actually, Yoko Taro love girls and high heels, and while we are at it might as well make everyone beautiful
  • Anthony D'Amato
    Anthony D'Amato 1 month ago @Fistfullofboomstick I always thought of it as sort of flex. Like yeah we can create combat Android's that look beautiful, as compared to the machines.
  • Fistfullofboomstick
    Fistfullofboomstick 1 month ago @Anthony D'Amato True true. The body itself makes sense in that it has far superior maneuverability. The nice "skin" was just an afterthought. It came after a thought like "these look like walking flayed corpses..."
  • Anthony D'Amato
    Anthony D'Amato 1 month ago @Fistfullofboomstick Exactly. Think of all the things that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but don't have to look that way to function properly.
  • Gamedragon bro
    Gamedragon bro 1 year ago Does 9S have any clothing options that show his butt like 2B's? For ahem equality of course >3>
  • Dante's Waifu
    Dante's Waifu 7 months ago If u self destruct his pants come off lol
  • Maricella Wright
    Maricella Wright 6 months ago (edited) Yes, I didn't know that, finally some equality, I love you
  • giro
    giro 1 month ago Pathetic
  • Matt Judy
    Matt Judy 1 week ago Disgusting
  • Miya
  • METALSTORM99 warframe fan
    METALSTORM99 warframe fan 8 months ago 9S is the worst boi he hurt A2
  • DudeBro
    DudeBro 8 months ago One need not agree or disagree, as it is INDISPUTABLE FACT THAT 9S IS THE BEST BOY
  • Side Tracker
    Side Tracker 6 months ago More like WineAss
  • Shameless Autism
    Shameless Autism 6 months ago Are there any others in the game?
  • Ole Rasmussen
    Ole Rasmussen 5 months ago Got a bit of a man crush on 9S.
  • ICameHereToHaveAGoodTime _
    ICameHereToHaveAGoodTime _ 4 months ago The amount of pr0n I’ve seen of him homo and hetero. To much.
  • Douglas Nevins
    Douglas Nevins 4 months ago Not even close.
  • Grimoire Weiss
    Grimoire Weiss 3 months ago But Pascal is best boi
  • Carlos Laucho
    Carlos Laucho 1 year ago "Run on sand with high heels" my ultimate kink.
  • MintyTheShade
    MintyTheShade 1 year ago DON'T. EAT. THE MACKEREL. JUST DON'T.
  • Percy M.
    Percy M. 2 months ago You ABSOLUTELY should eat the mackerel. Just. Save first.
  • Silver Magpie
    Silver Magpie 2 months ago But EEEEEEEEENDINGS
  • nightlypiano41
    nightlypiano41 2 months ago What does it do?
  • Izz. Lva
    Izz. Lva 2 months ago @nightlypiano41 it kills 2b
  • mistysilence2
    mistysilence2 6 months ago "small boy murder machine with a taste for vengeance and apple juice" FRICK THAT KILLED ME
  • David
    David 1 year ago There are still ppl who haven't played this??? Stop watching this video and start playing. Seriously.
  • Daniele Mazzali
    Daniele Mazzali 1 year ago This is the best yt collab. I've ever seen. Gj girls, very entertainmening, informative and well written