10 BEST Basketball Drills For BEGINNERS!! 💪🏀

Published on May 4, 2018 793,016 views

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In today’s video Coach Rocky from ILoveBasketballTV will go over 10 of the best basketball drills for beginners. These are drills that will help you build the foundational skills needed to become an elite player. Most players overlook the fundamental basketball drills as being “too easy” and want to jump straight to the advanced basketball drills. It’s extremely important to master the basics before you try to work on the advanced.

Below is the time stamp and sets and reps for every drill so that you can come back and find the drills you need quickly:

00:00 - Drill #1: Mikan Drill (3 sets of 10 each side)
2:00 - Drill #2: Reverse Mikan (3 sets of 10 each side)
2:40 - Drill #3: Zig Zag Ball-Handling (3 moves on both sides)
4:25 - Drill #4: One Dribble Move Pull Ups (5x each side each move)
6:23 - Drill #5: Form Shooting (10 makes each spot)
7:00 - Drill #6: Spot Shooting (10 makes each spot)
8:50 - Drill #7: Elbow to Elbow (10 makes each elbow)
9:53 - Drill #8: Pump Fake Pull Ups (10 makes each elbow)
11:00 - Drill #9: One Dribble Layups (10 makes each side)
11:50 - Drill #10: Defensive Slides - (1 set slow, 1 set quick on both sides)
Finish with 10 free throw while you’re tired 💪🏀

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  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago I'm only 5:4 and believe it or not? I've always been a pretty good rebounder. I used to out rebound guy's 6:3 6:4.and I can tell you? Size isn't necessarily the biggest factor when it comes to rebounding.the problem for most Is not boxing out out and just standing there
  • Cody
    Cody 2 months ago I know this sounds gay but put your butt in into the guy wide legs, arms out and push backwards. Makes a world of difference especially with a tall guy, take his center of gravity out make him reach over you. Make him commit a foul. I was only 130 ,5’7” in high school boxed out a 6’8” 230 monster it can be done.
    JOHNNY and JORDAN 3 months ago We Play Basketball..Check out our Vlogs to Greatness
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    Llama Queen 3 months ago @Potential Gaming Yeah I don't think I can even so a lay up
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    Karl 11 months ago I'm a beginner, I used to play a lot of soccer but now i'm focusing on basketball, i'm in my 20s and i was wondering if i should go till i "master theses drills" before switching, thanks
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    JAKKOB 69 1 week ago @Woodrow Wilson one of the most important key factor to getting good in any sport is ur killer instinct and confidence man this my numba 1 tip including hardwork
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    Siklab 1513 5 months ago (edited) @Tanmay Jain I feel you man! Never been into any sports. I just know basics but never played one. Not an athlete but I want to be one. Hope it will not be too late to start now. I'm on my 20's already! Hayst! 😞
  • Troy Elich
    Troy Elich 6 months ago If you can't make a layup and dribble at least a little bit, you won't find much success. I've coached at every level from ages 6-14. If you cannot make a layup or dribble with at least your dominate hand, you're in trouble. Don't worry about anything until you can dribble and make a layup. The very first drill he demonstrates (The Mikan Drill) will teach you how to make layups (USE THE BACKBOARD!!!) The reverse Mikan isn't important for a beginner.
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    S D 6 months ago @Erol Rodriguez its fun and i still love it but soccer is definitely a team sport, the only thing you can really do on your own is juggling, at least with basketball you can shoot on your own, to do that in soccer you would need multiple soccer balls or a partner
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    Erol Rodriguez 6 months ago S D i used to play soccer too
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    S D 6 months ago Same here, used to do nothing but soccer, i dont have as much time for it anymore so i decided to look for another sport to stay in shape bball is perfect since you dont need anyone else
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